The following comes from the NoSprayNashville page.  We post the text here in this form in case the main page changes.  It is a good source of information, as some very dedicated and knowledgeable people are associated with that group.

"No Spray Nashville delivered a summary of the Health Department's records to the Metro Council's Health and Hospital committee in December 2008 and exposed the Health Department's poor preventative protocol and lack of effectiveness of the 2008 spraying in Antioch.  (Click here for details.)  Two council members volunteered to come with us to talk with the Director of Health, Dr. Bill Paul, to ask for improvements.

The end result was that Dr. Paul admitted that the Health Department did not get the result they had hoped for after spraying in 2008. He also agreed that West Nile virus was not and has not been a serious threat in Nashville. After we pointed to records showing that less toxic measures were not taken prior to spraying, he agreed that they should do a better job with less toxic measures before resorting to spraying. He later made the announcement that they would raise the threshold for spraying. In 2009, they did not spray and we expect that if the new threshold is upheld that spraying is unlikely in the future.

We have to commend Dr. Paul for doing what no other health official in Nashville was willing to do. It took six years and a new director for the Metro Public Health Department to finally use science, common sense, and their own records to make wise decisions. We do caution citizens that some new mosquito borne illness scare or a change in management could impede this progress. We pledge to keep an eye on their mosquito control program and to report back on how they are doing with less toxic prevention.

The Health Department still has not created detailed protocols like many cities that do not spray have. They should do this to help avoid the protocol failures they had in the past. We hope this will change as we continue to monitor their records and schedule meetings in the future with them."