Sacramento area is Delta's top pesticide source, study finds.

    A new study, led by UC Berkeley toxicologist Donald Weston, indicates that "Urban Sacramento is the leading source of pesticide contamination disrupting the Delta aquatic environment." A chief culprit in the study are the pyrethroid pesticides, which are what the SYMVCD sprays over the region aerially in their ill-fated attempt to combat West Nile virus.  The Bee article claims that "there is no evidence pyrethroids are harmful to people at typical consumer exposure levels. But they are proving harmful to aquatic life at very low concentrations."  However, Amber Nickol McKeown's parents might beg to differ, after having filed a lawsuit following Amber's death after using a lice treatment shampoo containing a pyrethroid.

    While the article points out that residential use of pesticides is a major contributor to this overload, would it make sense to continue to spray pyrethroids over urban areas even if these treatments were effective?  Given their total lack of effectiveness, this seems to be yet one more reason to suspend the District's aerial spray program.