SYMVCD: Not to Worry – We Just Waste Taxpayer Money

    SYMVCD does not articulate this directly, of course, but let us parse what they do say.  Capital Public Radio quotes SYMVCD spokesperson Luz Rodriguez as saying that they "spray less than an ounce per acre . . .  an amount so small it doesn't pose any health risks to humans."  Vector control and public health officials have stated this many times, including before the Sacramento City Council.  There are some very inconvenient truths relative to this claim, however.  As we point out in "First, Do No Harm" acute effects can be deadly, sub-acute effects are non-trivial, pesticides sprayed through the air this way can trigger asthma, pesticide application has unintended consequences, and there is no evidence whatsoever of efficacy.

Wasted Tax Money With Ineffective and Risky Treatments:  According to figures obtained from the district, the spraying in 2010 cost at least $349,846, and the spraying in 2011 cost at least $140,222, for a total of over $490,000.  So, even if we accept the false premise of safety behind Rodriguez' statement, given the paucity of evidence for efficacy we might rephrase the statement as "since it doesn't work, we are only wasting taxpayer money because it poses no health risks to humans."  And, what's a mere $490,000?  It's only taxpayer money, of course.  Never you mind that it could either be credited to us taxpayers or used to implement safe and effective biological controls.  But, the spray unfortunately does pose a health risk to humans, so SYMVCD has put us taxpayers in a lose-lose situation.